Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The start of something new.

Each time I fill out a survey, look at a crafty site, or give my opinion on how to do a project I am always asked if I have a blog.  Until today, the answer was always no.  Today it will be YES!  I will be adding my designs, answering Cricut questions, and maybe even giving some pretty cool stuff away, right off of this little site.  I was told today not to start giving things out until I have 200 followers, and then pick a random person to give some stuff too... Thats seems too easy, I think I want to see some scrappers come up with some really great designs... only rule, you have to use your Cricut, and you have to tell us which cart(s) you have used in your layouts.  Pretty easy.  I suppose the other topic is when the challenges will be due.  I suppose since I work on Mondays and have Tuesdays off they need to be in on Monday before 11:59 PST.  This will give me time to check them out... decide if you won, and get to the post office. 

For now all pages can be Emailed directly to me and I will post them up here for all to see.  As I get more people posting I will hopefully figure out how to let you all post without my help.